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Mod Post [07 Dec 2008|03:46pm]

Due to a variety of reasons, I've decided to give up modship of the communities I created. I realize that I haven't been a very good mod in the past few years, and the community deserves better than that.

So, if anyone is interested in taking over modship for kougaijixyaone, please comment.

Thank you for understanding!

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Here's my story on LJ [03 Sep 2008|07:45pm]

[ mood | lonely ]

Here's my story on LJ
brw, thanks a lot for helping me out!

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New KouxYaone fanfic [11 Aug 2008|06:11pm]

[ mood | curious ]

Hi everyone, I've written a new KouxYaone fic on fanfiction.net. Here's the link:
btw, I don't know how I can post the story on LJ. Can anyone help?

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I Love them [24 Jul 2008|08:15pm]

[ mood | crazy ]

I totally love Kougaiji and Yaone and  I feel great to be part of this community

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85 Saiyuki Icons [01 Nov 2007|03:11am]

  These are mostly pretty simple icons, and there are a number of variants.

7 x Dokugakuji
6 x Gojyo
14 x Goku
9 x Hakkai
14 x Kougaiji
1 x Lirin
1 x Ni Jianyi
15 x Sanzo
7 x Yaone
11 x multi-character

Includes some Saiyuki Gaiden versions of characters.


(all here at my lj)
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[14 Jun 2007|01:07pm]

Selling time again! Saiyuki, Orphen, DNAngel, and other such anime/manga--some action figures and such included. Follow the link to my personal journal, por favor.
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Fic: "Blessed Rainy Day" (Kougaiji/Yaone) [01 Jun 2007|12:27am]

Title: Blessed Rainy Day
Fandom: Saiyuki
Rating: R
Author: [info]redbrunja
Characters: Kougaiji & Yaone
Crossposted: Everywhere I could think of.
Author’s Note: Written for the cinco de mayo holiday meme. Dedicated to [info]snakecharmerfox.
Summery: “Think pure thoughts, he told himself. It’s a holy day.” Kougaiji tries not to think about what he can’t have, and fails miserably.

Blessed Rainy Day
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[08 Feb 2007|03:39pm]

Some Saiyuki CDs, doujinshi, and artbooks for sale, as well as other anime. All here.

Crossposted a lot.
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Essay contribution [05 Jun 2005|12:16am]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Have written an essay defending our pairing, if anyone's interested. <3

Until Death Do Us Part at ship_manifesto

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[14 May 2005|06:02pm]

[ mood | creative ]

*pokes teh community* Are we dead or just sleepy?

Anyway, I made a few simple icons today. No words; just bases and stuff. Feel free to use 'em.

Icon cuteness.Collapse )

Am working on a fluff/sweet-like lemon. I'll try to have that up as soon as I possibly can.

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Fic: Repercussions [12 May 2005|08:01pm]

[ mood | busy ]

Ficlet to be found at lemonaftertaste.

Title: Repercussions
Disclaimer: I do not own Saiyuki. All rights go to Minekura Kazuya. No profit is being made of this.
Rating: ages 16+
Warnings: lime, massive angst alert
Other: For Becky. And all the rest of you KY fans. Look, Yaone angst! O.O

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Fic: Blush [15 Apr 2005|01:33am]

[ mood | artistic ]

Title: Blush
Genre: General/Romance
Rating: PG
Summary: Whether they be demons, humans or gods, one thing remains consistent about the male gender - they don't understand how the female gender works.
Crossposted: 30_kisses, love_you_weird and princeofdemons


(Linked to my own writing LJ)

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~~ waves ~~ [09 Sep 2004|12:21am]

[ mood | content ]

Hi there! Found the community, had to join since these two are too dang cute together. ^__^

Icon Fun!Collapse )

Feel free to file off the serial numbers and use, if you like 'em.

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[10 Aug 2004|09:24pm]

I made a KouxYao icon as well. On my computer it's sort of...fuzzy looking, but my computer might be having problems. How about it?

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He's...he's outside, fighting a waitress. [03 Aug 2004|10:02am]

[ mood | accomplished ]

I made a colour bar for Kougaiji/Yaone.

Kougaiji/Yaone is love.Collapse )

I tried to make an icon, but it messes up after I save it as gif or jpg. Does anyone know how I can save it and not mess it up?

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KY ficcage! [01 Aug 2004|11:23pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

I have a fic for us up!

Warnings for some language, some gore, post-series stuff, some mild RELOAD spoilers, lots of sap and fluff, and kisses. <3

Fragments can either be found at fanfiction.net or, for those who prefer not to touch the evils of that site, I will have it behind this LJ cut.

:: Fragments ::
Gensomaden Saiyuki
Disclaimer: I don't own Gensomaden Saiyuki, which rightfully belongs to Minekura Kazuya.
Rating: PG-13
Pairings: Kougaiji/Yaone
Warnings: post-series, language, blood, angst, fluff, massive amounts of sap
Dedicated to: iapetusneume

FragmentsCollapse )
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First Post [18 Jun 2004|02:52am]

[ mood | bouncy ]

The first official post of the KougaijixYaone LJ community! ^^ To all that read this, I am assuming you have some interest in this pairing, and I urge you help spread the word to other KY fans so that we can all get together and discuss them. I was always very sad whenever I went to look for fan fiction to read of them and never saw any. It is depressing, especially since they happen to be one of my favorite pairings of all time.

I got into this pairing almost immediately after getting into Saiyuki. I have a habit of doing this with a lot of series - I pick up on some sort of hint between two characters and my brain runs with it. It was right after seeing episode 5 (I believe that was the one) that I officially deemed them "meant for each other" and began the process of rooting for their (hopefully) eventual hook-up.

I have done this with my other favorite het pairings before, and each time they have sucessfully gotten together. I would be estatic if this were to happen again.

Personally, I do not have any OTPs (One True Pairings) in anime, because I'm always open to odd combinations just to see how a writer plans to pull it off. However, I am first and foremost an advocate for Kougaiji and Yaone to get together in the end, and they are one of the few pairings that I like that come close to having an OTP-like status.

So... I hope that you all have fun here, and I look forward to talking to everyone. Once I can get through my writer's block, I am going to try to write some KY one shots, and maybe even get started on the longer story that I have planned. (Hopefully)

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