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Princes and Apothecaries

Temple of KougaijixYaone

The Official KougaijixYaone Community
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Welcome to the Kougaiji x Yaone community! It appahauled me that there were no communities for one of the most obvious (in my personal opinion) pairings in all of Saiyuki, and I think that these two deserve one. So, if you enjoy KY, you are welcome to join and meet fellow fans!

The Rules:

1. Be respectful to one another. We all have different opinions, and they can be expressed in a dignified way.
2. This is a community about a heterosexual pairing. Despite the fact that the moderator herself personally enjoys shounen ai, this is not the focus of the community. There are several saiyuki communities that are shounen ai/yaoi friendly, and even communites for specific pairings. Please try to keep the conversations about the shounen ai pairings there. We are not anti-yaoi here, we're just focusing on KY. ^^
3. Please try to keep posts generally on topic - i.e. having something to do with KY or at least one of the two.
4. Please put any pictures posted behind an LJ cut or provide a link for it. Not everyone has fast internet connections.
5. Please respect other people's friends' page and put long passages of text (stories, surveys, rants, exceptionally long posts) behind an lj-cut.
6. Please warn people about your stories if they contain any of the following: heavy angst, heavy swearing, citrus/lime/lemon, character death, OOCness, anything else you believe people need to know about. Shounen ai/yaoi IS acceptable in a story to post here AS LONG AS KY IS THE MAIN FOCUS OR ONE OF THE MAIN FOCUSES. However, this is also something else that needs to be marked.
7. Lastly, have fun!

Your mod,
iapetusneume (aka Iapetus)

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